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English is Fun with Addy & Molly!

“English is Fun with Addy & Molly!” is a comprehensive English learning edutainment kit comprises interactive learning books and storybooks with the GTalk-3 device, Re-recordable stickers & Flashcards, making learning English enjoyable and effective for your child.

Go beyond teaching a few English words: Enable your child to speak in English fluently!

  • Listen. Learn. Grow: English Communication Skills at Your Child's Own Pace.
  • Screen-Free Fun and Learning for Your Child at Home!
  • The Reading PEN: Read, Sing, Play, Learn – All in a fun & engaging way!

Learning English has become so easy and so much fun!

  • Friendly characters that your child will love instantly.
  • Captivating comic strip stories that build up communication skills and nurture their character from an early age.
  • Original songs that entertain and enhance language learning.
  • Search and Find games to reinforce learning in an interactive way.
  • Listen, Record & Compare modes to boost pronunciation skills effectively.
  • Q & A activities to help children listen to themselves and improve their speaking skills.
  • Storybooks with page and word-wise listening, supporting reading skills development.
  • Rewritable practice books that enhance writing skills, foster creativity and encourage critical thinking.
  • Re-recordable stickers that transform any book into a personalized audio book.
  • Flashcards for phonetic and grammar reinforcement, making learning more engaging and effective.