Our mission is to promote and support Gridmark's international partners.

The Gridmark-Club allows local partners to join the global economy through the integration of their production process in Gridmark's content new multilateral business opportunities for local publishers and members of the local book chain.

But Gridmark's mission goes beyond business opportunities, since we foster a fair distribution of margins and profits in addition to assuring transparency between alla memebers of the Club.

Gridmark-Club’s commitment is not only with our members, but also with each country where we are active in promoting content which enhances education for all.

Environmental responsability.

We are also committed to environmental responsibility, promoting print on demand of encoded content, thereby reducing paper waste as well as the pollution resulting from international logistics of paper content across different continents.

Education is key towards achieving development and mutual understanding of complex international problems.

Education is the tool that empowers women and forms the basis of respect in society.