Gridmark-Club is an encoded content packager.

Gridmark-Club produces and sells GridOnput encoded content under co-edition agreements with publishers and book packagers. Gridmark-Club allows local partners to join the global economy through the integration of their production process in Gridmark's content, new multilateral business opportunities for local publishers and members of the local book chain.

Gridmark-Club´s mission is to foster a fair distribution of margins and profits in addition to assuring transparency between all members of the Club.

Gridmark-Club’s commitment is not only with our members, but also with each country where we are active in promoting content that enhances education for all.

The technology: ''Grid Onput''

Gridmark Inc. is a Japanese company founded in 2004 with the objective of developing and producing products based on our technical solution: “Grid Onput”.


Original technology based on a range of bidimensional codes placed in the source file for printing content. Content may be printed through digital or offset printing technology.


Built into the device, enabling recognition of GridOnput codes to activate the program or linked file.

We are looking for Business partners for each country!

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